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The Green Slime $75 Typical faded Eastman print. SOLD

The Black Cat $100 Looks like a bathtub dupe, but I love it. SOLD

The Raven $150 Really top notch dupe

Voodoo Man $150 Very Good to Excellent Original

Invisible Ghost SUPER 8 SOUND $55

Dracula's Daughter $250 Excellent Original

Dinosaurus! $50 Red SCOPE. Good Condition, missing footage (hut blowing up & Caveman sliding off Bronto)

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde $125 Excellent Dupe

She Creature $400 Near Mint Original - still had the Lab Bands when I got it. Very, very minor wear - no splices. SOLD BC

Monster On The Campus $400 Excellent Original

Curse Of The Undead $350 Excellent Original

Curse Of The Demon $350 Excellent Original

Man Made Monster $99 Original, loses loop on an Eiki, some sprocket repair

Village of the Damned $300 Excellent Original

It Conquored the World $500 Excellent Original SOLD


All films guaranteed. Trades ALWAYS welcome - poor condition prints considered – don't be shy.

All prices pretty firm...I don't really want to sell all these...

I sell films on eBay occaisonally under the name Sciencemonster. Please click to see my feedback or email me for references.

Shipping is either around $10 for Media Mail or $20 for Priority. My zip is 94010 and a film weighs around ten pounds, so you can get an exact quote if you would like. Please remember to add insurance.

Please Contact Me if you have a question.


Old (mostly) DOS Video Games

$5.oo LucasArts X-Wing Space Combat Simulator
Includes original box, 5 floppies, manual, reference card, registration card, ad magazine. See picture. Bottom box piece has a hole pushed through but looks presentable. DOS 3.1 or higher. DOS 3.5 Floppy version. Shipping $3.5o Priority.

$5.oo No One Lives Forever <-OS X Version
Includes Box, two cds, cd case and printed manual. Game of the Year edition. excellent shape. Shipping $3.5o Priority.

$5.oo No One Lives Forever <-OS X Version
Includes CD, cd case, printed manual and box. Never even installed this one. Shipping $3.5o Priority.

$5.oo Free C. C. Rare Cineplay game
Includes 5 3.5 floppies, printed manual, reference card, registration card, map/poster, and box. Box top is split at two corners. DOS. Shipping $3.5o Priority.

$3.ooTom CLancy SSN Sub Sim
Includes two cdroms and case, Registration card, quick reference card, license agreement, post card ad for Clancy book. and box. Windows 95+ Shipping $3.5o Priority.

$5.oo World Circuit Microprose - sealed New

$2.oo Harpoon Challenger Pak
4 Floppies, Manual, BIG Battle book, Registration card, quick start guide, floppy exchange card, and some other misc paper. REAL HEAVY. 8.5o Priority postage.

$5.oo Inca - cool old DOS adventure game
11 Floppies, manual, quick start card, disclaimer card, box and slipcase. DOS, VGA, Soundblaster, etc...

$2.oo Hunt for Red OCtober Tom CLancy
Floppy, Manual, Registration card, 'mission documents' book, and box. Mac Plus/SE. (or vMac)

$5.oo Jane's 688(i) Hunter/Killer Includes CD Rom and case, BIG printed manual, BIG hint book, Reference card, registration card, other paper, and box. Windows 95 or better. Postage is $3.50

$5.oo Patton Strikes Back
The Battle of the Bulge Includes 4 floppies and envolope, manual, registration card, other paper, and box. For Macintosh SE or vMac (

$5.oo X-Com Terror From the Deep - Microprose
Includes 4 floppies, 2 printed different manuals, tech supplement, and box with slipcase. DOS. Microprose.

$5.oo Lost In Time Adventure game
Includes CD and case, floppy patch disk, printed manual, box and slipcase.Slipcase has come unglued - but not ripped. $2.oo Emergency - Fighters for Life
Looks like a Teal Time Strategy game for firefighters. Opened, but has plastic wrap still on it. Includes CD ROm and case, manual, registration card, and box. WIndows 95.