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THE BLACK CAT (1934/Universal) 65 Minutes Black & White. 16mm Wretched Dupe of a moldy, scratched, 35mm Original

Boris, Bela and director Ulmer create the pinnacle of 30's Deco horror. Absolutely nothing much happens except a chess game, necrophilia, devil worship and other perversions--but ooh--those sets! Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer; Produced by E.M. Asher & Carl Laemmle Jnr.; Screenplay by Peter Ruric & Edgar G. Ulmer; Photographed by John J. Mescal; Edited by Ray Curtiss; Art: Charles D. Hall; Special Effects by John P. Fulton; Make Up by Jack P. Pierce; Music by Liszt, Schumann & Tchaikovsky; Based loosely on the story by Edgar Allan Poe. Starring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, David Manners, Jacqeline Wells (Julie Bishop), Lucille Lund, Harry Cording, Egon Brecher, Henry Armetta, Luis Alberni, Herman Bing, John Peter Richmond (John Carradine), Anna Duncan, Andre Cheron, Andy Devine, King Baggot, Albert Conti, George Davis, Alphonse Martell, Tony Marlow, Paul Weigel, Rodney Hidebrant, Peggy Terry, John George (unbilled), Michael Mark.