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DINOSAURUS (1960/Fairview Prod./Universal) 85 Minutes 16mm Scope, Faded and Splicey
For Sale: $50

Kids love the GIANT cinemascope screen almost as much as the giant dinosaurs. Great fun. First recorded battle between a dinosaur and a piece of construction machinery. A landmark pairing of two of a ten-year-olds favorite things. Yet another good movie from the makers of ¶The Blob.¯ Whats with those guys...are they trying to make good movies??? Directed by Irwin S. Yeaworth Jnr.; Produced by Jack H. Harris & Irwin S. Yeaworth Jnr.; Screenplay by Dan E. Weisburd & Jean Yeaworth; Special Effects by Tim Barr, Wah Chung & Gene Warren, Marcel Delgado; Music by Ronald Stein. Starring Ward Ramsay, Paul Lukather, Kristina Hanson, Alan Roberts, Fred Engelberg, Wayne Tredway, Luci Blain, Gregg Martell.