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Old Paper

Old Periodicals Old pulp magazine stories, including The Shadow, Universe Science Fiction, Future Science Fiction and others. These are scans of the original pages so although they might be a little slow to load, they recreate the actual feel of the pulps. They are also very readable, unlike many other scans I have seen around.

Old Movie Paper Old movie ads, articles and miscellany, including some of the artwork for movies I sold and no longer needed for the 16mm Home Movie Catalog section of the website. Artwork for movies I still have is located there - so be sure to check there also.

Old Comics Illustrated literature for your enlightenment.

About 12K is available to download for this site, and these pages are pretty graphics intensive. If your download is going real slow, then someone else is probably downloading ahead of you. Please be patient or try later. Please download one file at a time.

Technical Documents Manuals, schematics, and what-have-you's that I've picked up and made use of over the years.

Desktop Pictures Interesting pictures, mostly of movie actresses, that I've picked up as desktops and used over the years. Some are widescreen, some aren't. Pretty easy to trim or extend them, since I generally have the content off to the right and leave the rest of the screen blank. SHows off my mad PS skillz, or not, depending on how careless I was feeling.