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Science Fiction is ok, I guess, but it isn't really real and probably never will be. These stories, on the other hand, are of life and love and we see it every day - or maybe only every other day for some - but even then, we can see it is what life is all about and it touches us all! Screw space monsters!

'Romance Without Tears' is an excellent history of one romance comicbook from the 40s/50s - My daughter bought it for me for Christmans and I highly recommend it.


Dear Lonely Hearts No. 6
Dear Lonely Hearts No. 6, June 1954 ~ Harwell Publications ~ Art by Marty Elkin ~

Pin Up Girl (signed by TE WKS)~ The Lovebirds (text) ~ Nightmare Lover (Marty Elkin)~ Trapped (Marty Elkin) ~ Love Pirate (Kirk)

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Popular Romance No 17
Popular Romance No 17 February 1952 ~ Standard Comics (Better Publications Inc.)

I Doubted My Heart ~ Just Between Us (text) ~ One Man Girl ~ Love Is Like That (text) ~ A Girl's Best Friend ~ On Your Toes ~ My Lesson in Love ~ Busyboby Heart

Click Here for a 3.3 meg PDF file or Here for a 7.5 meg Zip Archive of JPGs of each page.


Romantic Adventures No. 3
July/Aug 1949 ~ American Comics Group (B. & I. Publishing Co.)
~ Richard E. Hughes Publisher

I Was My Mother's Rival! ~ The Shattered Heart ~ Jealous of
a Shadow (Text) ~ Romance On Valentine Ranch ~ Money Can't
Make Marriage ~ Breaking The Ice (text) ~ Afraid of Love

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Archive of JPGs of each page.


Sweethearts No. 97
Sweethearts No 97 Mar 1951 ~ Fawcett Publications
Will Lieberson Exec. Editor ~ Roy Ald Editor
~ Al Jetter Art Editor

My Heart is a Gypsy ~ The Sometime Bride (text)
~ Smart GIrl ~ One Mad Interlude

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Zip Archive of JPGs of each page.