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ScienceMonster.Net - ahead of the times as usual - presents monster movies perfectly compressed for your video iPod, and that will play in iTunes, too, without an iPod. At around 30-60 megs each, you could fit almost 600 of these movies on your iPod. Of course, we only have these few, but you can find lots more at the Internet Archive in their feature film collection. Don't miss their wonderful selection of Bowery Boys movies.

Warning From Space
Planet Burg (Planet of Storms)
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
Red Planet Mars
Navy Vs. The Night Monsters
The Human Vapor
The Snow Creature
Killers From Space
Daughter of Horror
Last Woman on Earth
The Phantom Creeps
The Phantom Empire
Teenage Zombies
Return Of The Giant Monsters
Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Target Earth
Night of the Living Dead
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Frankenstein (a Realart re-release trailer)