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Old radios, projectors, and other flea market finds. Back in the day, you would actually fix things instead of throw them out, and even today these things can be repaired with a little help from your local library and Google. Below are a few successes, and some of the source material needed to accomplish this.

RCA PG-201 16mm Film Projector - c1948
Zenith 6d311 Bakelite Radio - c1936>
Raleigh Model 31 Sports - c1939
Rudge-Whitworth Sports 3 Speed Bicycle - c1945
Rudge Aero Clubman - 1950 - for sale!
Rudge Sports - 1951
Rudge-Whitworth LED Light Kit Mod
Raleigh Parts Catalogue c1949
3-Speed Bicycle Repairs c1971
Averatec 1050 - c2005