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Not really old - actually, brand new as of Feb. 2006, but it's my new toy for a while. I haven't gotten to taking it apart yet (and voiding the warranty) but when I do, here are the pictures I need to show me how.

Big thanks to espresso_jim over at the Unofficial Averatec Support Forums for all the work. Happy trails!

Took it apart and played with it - seems servicible. I had split the case to add memory (what's with that!?!?) and looked around while I was in there. Laptops are one of the few things left that can be serviced. This little guy is still new, but my last laptop, a Powerbook Pismo, I kept running for 8 years. Replaced screens, harddrives, cables, converters, etc... Evidently this can be worked on pretty easy - mods out there include adding internal bluetooth and replacing the built-in wifi. I look forward to it breaking down.

For the benefit of all you little Google spiders out there, this is a page about a subcompact laptop with a 10.6 inch screen that I just got because I was so deeply pissed at Apple for not producing a 12" Intel laptop. Windows ain't so bad, if you just spend a few days shutting everything off. It still boggles my mind, however, that after over 15 years Microsoft still hasn't put the date in the taskbar. Like, I have a little ten inch computer, I can wirelessly surf, print, play music on my stereo, it weighs 2 pounds - but I carry a calender with me, too, so I only need the time in the taskbar, thanks.