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THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957/Universal) 78 Minutes Black & White. 16mm Excellent Original Missing Prologue

Pure dinosaur entertainment for those who appreciate attempts at good dinosaurs. Luckily, the boring 20 minute prologe was water damaged and removed. It jumps right into the action, now. Some say this is the 'Jurassic Park' of its day, but they are wrong. 'Jurassic Park' is the 'Land Unknown' of its day. Best helicopters in Hollywood history. Directed by Virgil W. Vogel; Produced by William Alland; Screenplay by Laszlo Gorog; Special Effects by Clifford Stine, Jack Kevan, Roswell Hoffman, Fred Knoth & Orien Ernest; Music by Hans Salter. From a story by Charles Palmer. Starring Jock Mahoney, Shawn Smith, Phil Harvey, William Reynolds, Henry Brandon, Douglas Kennedy.