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THE GIANT CLAW (1957/Clover Prod./Columbia) 76 Minutes Black & White. 16mm Mint

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It takes a lot to make a great motion picture. First, of course, you need a giant monster. You also need a little ominous narration at the beginning. You need radiation. And someplace along about the middle of the picture everyone in the cast has to sit in a darkened room and watch a little film-within-the-film that tells you all about what horrible things the monster did even before it got giant. What can raise a movie above greatness - what can make a perfect movie, however, is how a film maker can twist your expectations just a little. Use voice-over instead of narrated stock footage. Make the monster anti-matter instead of radioactive. And tweak everyone's nose with a slide show instead of a little film. Only Columbia would take a chance like this - and only Columbia has made the perfect movie. Directed by Fred F. Sears; Produced by Sam Katzman; Screenplay by Samuel Newman & Paul Gangelin; Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff, Sound by Josh Westmoreland. Starring Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday, Morris Ankrum, Louis D. Merrill, Robert Shayne, Edgar Barrier.

There is no small controversy throughout Hollywood concerning Columbia's decision to feature the Giant Claw's ass on all their promotional materials rather than Miss Corday's.