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EARTH VERSUS THE SPIDER (1958/Santa Rosa Prod.) 72 Minutes Black & White. 16mm Excellent Original

If there is a reason why Bert I. Gordon should get any respect for writing, producing, directing and creating the special effects for all his movies it shouldn­t be because the movies are well written, well produced, well directed or feature good special effects, because they aren­t. Bert I. Gordon movies are sort of like fine cigars or heroin or an old pair of worn out shoes-you just get used to them and after a while you'd rather not go without. This is one of "better"... Bert I. Gordon movies--as Bert I. Gordon movies go--that Bert I. Gordon ever made. And if it wasn't for Bert I. Gordon making all those Bert I. Gordon movies-- back when Bert I. Gordon was making Bert I. Gordon movies--then people with other names would have run out of giant monster movies to watch on Creature Features. Hell, if you lined up every Bert I. Gordon movie from end to end... Directed, Produced & Special Effects by Bert I. Gordon; Screenplay by Laszlo Gorog & George Worthing Yates; Music by Albert Glasser. Starring Ed Kremmer, June Kenney, Gene Roth.