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THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957/Universal) 79 Minutes Black & White. 16mm Very Good Condition. Splices and replaced Castle footage. Still missing effects shot of bus.

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Don't know why everyone jumps on this movie so. It's pretty good. In fact, it's great. One of the top ten giant insect movies ever. If you don't think so, well, we all know how critics spell 'sideways,' don't we?.

Directed by Nathan Juran; Produced by William Alland; Screenplay by Martin Berkeley; Special Effects by Clifford Stine; Music by Joseph Gershenson. From a story by William Alland. Starring Craig Stevens, Alix Talton, William Hopper, Florenz Ames, Floyd Simmons, Paul Campbell, Donald Randolph, Pat Conway, Paul Smith, Helen Jay, Phil Harvey .