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THE BEAST FROM TWENTY THOUSAND FATHOMS (1953/Mutual Pictures/Warner) 80mins. Black and White 16mm Mint Original

It's amazing that this movie, the first modern giant monster movie, is so much like the ones that followed...and, the ones before it, too. It's as if Hollywood finally realized just exactly what everyone wants in a movie and decided to just put it in there.

What a relief it must of been for everyone to know just by the title that there wasn't going to be a lot of soap opera crap or historical crap or artistic crap in the movie.

You can ask 20 people what'd Scarlet do at the end or just what the hell was the meaning of rosebud and a few might know, but you ask those same 20 people if they remember the movie with the dinosaur and the rollercoaster ...well...they remember. Directed & Art Direction by Eugene Lourie; Produced by Jack Dietz & Hal Chester; Special Effects by Ray Harryhausen & Willis Cook; Based on "The Foghorn" by Ray Bradbury. Starring Kenneth Tobey, Paul Christian, Paula Raymond, Cecil Kellaway, Lee Van Cleef, King Donovan, Donald Woods.